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We are vacuum seal crazy. We seal all food going to the freezer. We seal any parts on the boat possible. We seal any blankets or other items that aren't in use. Protecting is the first advantage. However, on a boat, space savings becomes huge. We have trips that include climate changes and we will remove some items from bags and put others in. The fact of anywhere, anytime you have access to a vacuum makes it so convenient. We've had no problems with the bags leaking. Our first time ever with the large bags, we purchased them at a dollar store and they were great. Don't remember the brand, Now we buy Zip-loc.

A couple of little tricks for those sealing with vacuum sealer machines.
-Make the bag a little big for the item or items. Then it's reusable because you cut it to open it but still have space to reseal.
-The area outside the seal line can be used for many things. You can staple to it. But perhaps the best use we've seen is in our parts storage at home (yes we keep some on the boat and extra at home). You can punch a hole (outside the sealed area) and easily hang it on pegboard or wallboard hooks. Visible, space saving, protected.

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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
We are vacuum seal crazy..

Just don't vacuum seal the Johnny Walker. That could be really problematic for the crew.

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So where do you buy sheets for queen berth, queen midship & bunks?

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