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No brainier wouldn't cruise without them

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The Manatee fuel tank position and the the Volvo TMD31A. The fuel tank level is at the height of the gauge or below, that is good news/bad news. The tank level doesn't effect the gauge reading but I have to carry a small container of clean diesel fuel to refill the Racor when changing the element. The Volvo fuel pump will pull a slight vacuum when the element is getting dirty.
I thought to plumb in a fuel fill hose from my Gulf Coast fuel polisher but KISS, also the fuel tank /fuel stays so clean that I only change filter elements based on the durability of the Racor element, usually yearly. But with a single engine it is reassuring to see the gauge reading little or no restriction.

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Originally Posted by Capt.Bill11 View Post

And that is why I feel your money is better spent on water probes/alarms.
XX2. No vacuum yet noted. Our tank fuel levels until about 1/3 full are higher than the lift pumps. Integral hull tanks usually will show a vacuum.
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It seems that every subject elicits controversy even a simple vac. gauge on the fuel line. If one uses a gauge with a captive needle(second needle shows greatest vac reading since last zeroed out) this becomes a very simple and reliable indicator of fuel flow restriction. It does not matter where your tank is if a load of crud or water restricts your filter or a line gets pinched that captive needle will be where you don't want it. If there is a slow increase in restriction over time you will see that captive needle moving up and know something is happening. This is a simple inexpensive addition to any fuel system only the presence of a better system could be reason not to install.

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