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Using the mast/staysail

My plan is to move upstream from my Albin 25 to a more full-bodied trawler like the MT34 or similar, something I can actually spend unlimited time on if I can ever get a handle on retirement. I am well past my best-before date!

I've been poring over the Lehman 120 manual, getting immersed in imagining the maintenance routines, imagining life with a proper galley and fly bridge, double bed, indoor shower, and other luxuries. One aspect of the trawler experience continues to elude my winter imaginary adventures: what conditions dictate the use of the stay sail, and how is it employed to best advantage?

Does it help with rolling at anchor, for example?

1976 Albin 25 DeLuxe; 1990 Thundercraft 1750
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Mr. S. I flew a "sail" on our MT 34' a few times. Never while at anchor. It seemed to mitigate the roll in a beam to following sea. I think it was really too small to make much difference (about 24 sq. feet, if I recall).

No end of amusement when attempting to claim right of way with the group we used to boat with. In MY case, way more trouble than it was worth.

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I think these are more commonly referred to as a "riding sail" or an "anchoring sail." I have one on my Grand Banks 32. I have used it a few time at anchor to reduce the boat's tendency to "sail" around the anchor. Basically, it has had little effect on my boat. In a 15 knot wind, it reduced the arc of the boat's motion from maybe 90 degrees to maybe 50 or 60 degrees. I decided it is not worth the effort. I have heard they are sometimes used to reduce rolling while driving in a beam sea, but don't have any personal experience with this. I have decided I just have a motorboat, and don't bother with the sail any more!
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