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"You could expand that question because neither discussed here are intended for boat use. It is a matter of efficacy."

Efficiency for many boat assemblers is what is cheapest locally and quickest to be fitted with the lowest priced/ lowest skilled labor Bestitis is seldom a goal..

Its not what the sales brochure shows but it is common reality.

Efficiency for a cruiser underway usually consists of what is on board that can solve the problem, and not stop the cruise .

The worst repair jobs come from marinas/boat yards that have no ideas except replace quickly , to get the boat out of their yard.

Trouble shooting is a skill and perhaps an art which is not very common , as experience is also required to develop the skill set.

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FF, I like the pump

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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Some hacks know way more than journeyman.
If you say so.
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. It is an excellent choice in waste lines because it is impermeable. Bottom line is PVC will never stink! Use rubber couplings here and there to eliminate any stress issues and allow service if something plugs up. JohnP]
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Show me a marine toilet that will eat a tampon or blue jeans and I might reconsider

The Tecma, Raritan Atlantes Freedom and Raritan Marine Elegance can chew up a tampon--though they don't recommend feeding the toilets a steady diet of 'em.

But it's not tampons you need to worry about, it's wet wipes. I'm not sure there's a grinder made that can chew up a wet wipe 'cuz they don't shred, nor do they dissolve...they can stay fully intact within pipes and drains for weeks or even months. In one test, researchers put wet wipes in a blender....after 10 minutes, they were still intact. Your "grinders" may be a lot more powerful than a blender, but wet wipes are also causing $$ millions in damage to municipal sewer systems and treatment plants. If they can't handle 'em, I doubt your grinders can.

Whether wet wipes get caught in the discharge plumbing or make it all the way into the tank, they're not just sitting around to failing to disintegrate, they're also collecting the animal fats in waste building up into a what plumbers call "fatbergs" because of their similarity in size to icebergs. It's not unusual for plumbers to find these "fatbergs" well over 10 feet long, weighing up to 100 lbs in household plumbing. A "berg" a fraction of that size, or even a wet wipe "softball" would be highly destructive to dockside pumpout equipment or any onboard overboard discharge pump, no matter how powerful its "grinder."

As for blue jeans...the only thing I've seen that could destroy a pair of jeans was a clothes washer I once owned, but it couldn't actually chew 'em up, it only shredded 'em.
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Well to continue the house plumbing here is a shot of the shower
Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0124.jpg
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ID:	62896Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0126.jpg
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