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The two stroke diesel explained.....

Neat video. I particularly like the on the fly compression check....


Currently boatless but looking. Avatar is my first boat....Holland, 1965 ish.....
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What a hoot! While obviously dated, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. And, after being owned by a pair of DD-671s, I recognized virtually all that was shown on the video, albeit at a significantly smaller scale! A couple of take-aways for me:
a. While produced by a Danish company, the narrator's English is better than mine! Guess that shouldn't surprise me. My Danish cousins often embarrass me with their command of the English language.
b. Enjoyed the description of the PV diagram. Again, dated instrumentation, but the PV diagram shown, and the description of the process, is right on the money.
c. Too bad modern environmental issues doomed the 2-stroke cycle diesel engines in recreational use. I won't comment if this is good or bad, but bemoan the loss of inherently simple engines.



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Thanks for posting; interesting viewing.

We had an old two stroke generator on the farm with a single cylinder engine; can't remember make but it ran very slowly at low revs.... much so the lights used to flicker and the TV vertical frame hold used to go haywire.

We called it the savanger pump, not a blower like they do on DD's.
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My son (chief engineer) was on a ship powered by two cross head,constant speed, MEK 2 stroke diesel engines runnin' at 120 RPMs with variable speed propellers. Reliable as long as replacement parts were from MEK, not so reliable when the parts were made in China or elsewhere.
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Nice, but I still get a kick out of this one...

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The "blower" on a DD is actually a scavenger pump. And DetroitDiesels are far from simple, actually more complex than any fourstroke. The 1-71 was a generator and pump engine. They are rare today and command a good price from collectors. I've heard of but never seen a 1-53. Seen and worked on lots of 2-71s and 2-53s. And everything else they made up to the 16-149s. Anything bigger was usually a Cooper-Bessemer.
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Originally Posted by what_barnacles View Post
Nice, but I still get a kick out of this one...

Gawd, that was funny!

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