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Scraping Paint
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RE: TrawlerForum Hall of fame?

GonzoF1 wrote:Hey wait just a dang minute. I had a 7-page thread discussing a major engine problem, only to have it be a clogging fuel filter. Don't I get a nomination?
Naw, cause it was an air leak ...


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TrawlerForum Hall of fame?

Now what are you gonna do RT?
Are you sufficiently embarrassed can you still show your face err Avatar?

Sea horse purported you to be a sort of enigma wrapped in a conundrum
How do you go on and retain your anonymity.

Every one is thinking what is it about this RT Firefly Guy.
Does he really exist Out there in cyber space?
Perhaps an alien sent down to invade Trawler Forum.
Can you see your boat from where you are?

To many questions.

Sort of like a dyslexic theologian does TR flyer fi exist.


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RE: TrawlerForum Hall of fame?

** Mr. SD.* How is it that I have to enable cookies to read your posts?*

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