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Trawler for the winter months

Does anyone know of a Trawler manufacture that builds Trawlers well insulated for cold/winter months? I've gone to most of the manufacture's web-sites and none really talk about insulation other then a foam core hull.

Double-pane cabin windows would be great for stopping the condinsation problem one has in the cold months. Most medium to high priced Motor Homes now have double-pane windows. My first motorhome had single-pane window and every winter, they were soaked. My newer motor home with dual-pane windows stopped the problem of condensation.... So why not the marine industry?

Thanks for your time & replies

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I see that you are in Baltimore. We lived aboard 6 winters in the Baltimore harbor. The boat is not specifically insulated but there are many things you can do to make the boat comfortable.
1) Usually Thanksgiving weekend, we used standard household "shrink" window film on both the inside and outside of the boat.
2) Installed an ITR diesel hydronic heater
3) Used a heated plumbing tape to keep any plumbing that is not n a heated space.
4) Run a dehumidifier to remove moisture added in the environment by showers, cooking, etc.


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just subscribed into this forum and read your question.
You should look for the typical Dutch steel trawlers like Privateer or Altena. They all habe meanwhile double glazing and hull insulation, if not standard, then as an option.
I'm looking myself actually for an used 50' steel trawler.
Best regards from Germany, Jan
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Stock production pleasure boats are designed for weekend or holiday use in summer. There are very few, if any, specifically built as all season liveaboards. Thus you (the user) must modify for your intended use. Changing windows will be the easy part.

All metal boats (steel or aluminum) will be insulated.
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If you do a custom build you can get all of the insulation that you want and double paned windows to boot. Some production builders will work with you to add insulation. Talk to Selene and Nordhavn about it.

All it takes is $$$.

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I use my Trawler all year long and actually prefer cruising in the Winter (no crowds). The boat is very well insulated for noise reduction, but that has the side benefit of also working to retain heat.

The windows are not double pane, but are very thick Diamond Sea Glaze that do not have condensation issues. I could put the Plexiglass Blast Shields over the large Saloon Windows for additional insulation, but have never felt the need (except when transiting the West Coast).

I think the key to spending the winter on a trawler is adequate and redundant heat sources and running a dehumidifier on the boat occasionally. I find that works best to dry towels and showers in our wet, cold winters.

Good Luck,

Scott (Boydski) Boyd
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