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Originally Posted by smitty477 View Post
"That had to be an 18 foot beam"

Actually I believe it to be 15' 11" as we cruise with one like that occasionally.
Still that's two whole lanes....

8'6" is max....

10'6" is "oversize"

anything over is wide and requires a lot of stuff......

16' is monstrous.....

Currently boatless but looking. Avatar is my first boat....Holland, 1965 ish.....
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28 thousand from fort laud florida to austrailia

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Originally Posted by markpierce View Post
It cost about $28k in 2011 moving from China to Oakland, California.
You can double that for 50'. Now I am guessing they didn't ship it with a yacht transport company? Most builders have their own arrangements. Plus regular service from China. Not regular service from the West Coast to the East Coast of Mexico.

Now, the OP has never told us what the boat is. There are huge differences in various 50' "trawlers". Flybridge is a huge factor as is beam.
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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
... Now I am guessing they didn't ship it with a yacht transport company? Most builders have their own arrangements. ...
No, the boat was first hauled by a local transport to a major port and then transported by container ship.

Kar-KEEN-ez Koot
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Originally Posted by smitty477 View Post
"nmuir, why was it too big? I had my 58' boat shipped from Detroit to Portland, OR."

I am curious how much it cost from Detroit to Portland and who was the trucker that handled the job? Would you recommend them?

Thank you
When I bought my boat and had it moved there were actually two moves involved. First was my new 550 from a marina on Lake St. Clair to a marina in Portland, OR. The second move was my trade (a 330 Sundancer) from Pasco, WA back to Lake St. Clair.

Total bill for both moves was $20K.

I went through a load broker in FL and would not recommend him. When I talked with him several times before hiring him he said he'd shipped 550's several times, was familiar with what they needed as far as permits, etc.

When push came to shove (AFTER we had agreed on a price and AFTER we had signed contracts for both boats to be moved) he realized a couple of things:
1. The fly bridge was too large (12'x24') to be shipped on the same trailer as the hull. This required that he buy a trailer, build a cradle for the fly bridge and have a second truck make that haul. It also required separate pilot cars for the fly bridge.
2. He based his estimate on the cost of the permits based on the dry weight of the 550. It had some fuel and a small amount of water in it but that was enough to take it from a (IIRC) Max Load to a Super Max Load. He found that out when the trucker stopped at the first weigh station before even leaving Michigan. That little mistake on his part cost him about $3,000 more for all the permits than he'd budgeted. He tried to pass that cost on to me but I reminded him that we had signed contracts.

The trucker himself "Jimmy", owner of Wave Maker Trucking did a good job. The boat sustained a minor amount of damage on the way west but his insurance covered all of it. If you Google Wave Maker Trucking LLC you'll find numerous reference to him.

If I were to ship a boat again I'd use him but I'd deal directly with him.
Mike and Tina
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I just got a quote from associated boat transport for $25K to truck my boat from Anacortes to Houston.

I remember getting a quote from one of thre marine outfits for something in the $40K range a couple of years ago from Victoria BC to Port Everglades FL.

That was for a Bayliner 4788, 53' OAL 15' beam. Quote was not including prep which is easy on the 4788 since it was designed to be truckable.
Kevin Sanders
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Seward, Alaska
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Thank you very much Mike and Kevin.

That may come in handy in my future.
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Many thanks

Thanks to everyone for the replies. I'm going to go with the "keep looking" advice on this one.
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Long distance transport , world wide can be very cheap.

All the boat has to do is fit INSIDE a std or over sized container.

The numbers are not that bad for a boat that would basically be an along shore cruiser.

39.5LOA , 7.5 max beam and about 9 ft keel to top.

A folding or lowering PH would be needed.

I have long lusted for an Atkin sea skiff type hull with a box keel and reverse dead rise hull.

At speeds o SL 2.5 or less it would be cheap to keep, and the ability to take the ground would be a delight in the worlds crowded harbors.

In aluminum about $100K should produce a great boat with a modest old style (Paint and wood trim) interior , and modest living space , basically for 2 but for 4 , for a while.

This would be for a managed build , not a necessarily a yard build,

The Seabright series were both seaworthy and sea kindly , so offshore voyages could be contemplated , tho with cheap box transport , why bother ?

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