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Like AKDoug says towing in Cook Inlet, with its tides, and into the Kenai river can be challenging at times. I am sure other places have their own set of problems so as has been said each tow is different.
I commercial fished the Inlet for many years and made many tows during that time. I built a tow rig after the first few times. I had two 50 foot pieces of 3/4 nylon and an old tire tied in the middle. The weight and flex of the tire really helped to reduce the shock load on both boats cleats.
The only time I needed help getting home was because of a broken rudder yoke. On the radio I heard a boat calling for help as his engine would over heat after 5 minutes of running. Turns out we were close to each other so he limped over to me. We tied them up side by side. He steered, I powered, and us two cripples made it home with no other help

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When I used to race a Star, there was a story going around that to get a fleet of Vancouver Stars to a race in Victoria, a towboat was arranged for a number of them to go line astern. In Active pass, where there can be standing waves of 2 to 3 feet, the tow went through some of those standing waves, which the stars did not rise above, thus filling the open cockpits with water and sinking. $hit happens!

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