View Poll Results: Which of the following do you do at least occasionally
Walk. Lot's of walking the places I go. 54 88.52%
Bicycling. You ride bikes occasionally. 29 47.54%
Treadmill. You use a treadmill periodically. 9 14.75%
Other gym equipment. Anything else. Weights, stair step, etc. 10 16.39%
Swim. Now just floating in the water doesn't count. Must swim. 20 32.79%
Fishing. Nice to eat what you catch. 36 59.02%
Golf. Chasing a dimply uncooperative little ball around. 9 14.75%
Tennis. Hitting the courts for some fun. 7 11.48%
Basketball. Ok, I know that's not likely many. But it's our game. 5 8.20%
Other sports. Any. Softball, Volleyball. All balls. 4 6.56%
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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post
My wife does em all, no sissies allowed in this arena. And she is from the back woods of Kentucky and can shoot too. Right now she is at Parris Is watching family marines do their thing. Golf and tennis you say -- too mundane for that gal.
Wifey B: This is the list I was talking about being really good at one...

Dog washing
Cloths Washing

Gaston posted that.

I'm like a pro at the "shopping" bit.

I have done housework, laundry and cooking.

I have never done gardening and dog washing.

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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
I think, on the whole, as a group, we're more active than most people. The walking is certainly a great part of it. In most places there is other transportation available one way or the other, but most of us still just choose to walk where it's possible.............
After much thought, I decided that a few cab trips to and from stores would be cheaper than bicycles and would require no storage space or maintenance. That said, we haven't yet taken a cab. I did buy a folding grocery cart and it's been handy for grocery shopping and carrying laundry.

Many marinas are within a reasonable walking distance of a grocery store and the dollar stores have started carrying some food items.

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Wifey B: you left off mousing round TF...

According to Mousotron, I've moused over 19 miles in the last 60 days... Not to mention 499985 keystrokes and 138640 mouse clicks.

I don't get out much

Mousotron : Mouse and keyboard usage counter
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Originally Posted by stubones99 View Post
Wifey B: you left off mousing round TF...

According to Mousotron, I've moused over 19 miles in the last 60 days...
Sounds pretty exhausting. That's why I've always used a trackball since they first came out for the Mac and later PCs. First, it's always exactly where I left it. And second, it's comfortable and doesn't tire out one's wrist.
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My Galley Wench and I do some bicycling, a fair amount of walking, swimming (though I do more floating with a cold drink).

Mike and Tina
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