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RE: Thankful, and lucky to be here today.

I think it unlikely that those of us who have survived five or more decades have not*had at least once potentially fatal event.* I've been fortunate to have an attentive guardian angel.* And no doubt someone has been looking after you too.

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RE: Thankful, and lucky to be here today.

BEAUTIFUL closing line there KJ .... PRICELESS!

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RE: Thankful, and lucky to be here today.

The tow company bought my boat the next day though I was too stressed to have asked for a fair price. There was no coast guard hearing. Hurricane Ike had just hit Houston and they were so busy the Coast Guard had to hire a crew boat to take them to us. They did say that if the first set of barges were not on backwards the rake would have gone over my boat and I most likely would be dead.
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RE: Thankful, and lucky to be here today.

healhustler wrote:
It's situations like that when I would like to have a good turn of speed (which I do not) so I could at least run the other way.
*shortly after i got my boat, we took friends for a sunset cruise into Huntington Beach.

the route into the marina via an inlet or canal passing a weapons depot (just for drama has nothing to do with this story), then under a bridge and here lies the issue; height of the bridge became an issue perhaps 50 ft before it, my friend is an experienced boater and informed me that he would gauge the height from the rear of the flybridge. he was monitoring and said it looked fine, until we were right in front of it; he shouts out "I wouldnt do it!", with the incoming tide pushing us towards the bridge i put both in reverse.

someone yells; stop there is a boat behind you..

now panicking, i hit it hard forward, hard enough to clear the snacks and most drinks off the saloon table down below, to stop the boat, then i throw the starboard engine in rverse and the port in forward and make a hard and swift 180 turn to starboard.

having a twin engine makes a turn like that possible and it saved my butt that day.
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RE: Thankful, and lucky to be here today.


First of all, I'm so glad you survived this to tell the story. I can't imagine the horror of being stuck down there unable to reach the surface. Thank God you're OK. (My heart is still pounding at the thought.)

Secondly, thanks for posting this as a warning to all. Many good ideas have been posted on this thread and many have shared stories of their close calls. This will hopefully serve as a reminder to us all of the perils of our passions.

I'm so very glad it turned out as positively as it did. Well done, Capt!!
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RE: Thankful, and lucky to be here today.

KJ....that story gives me the hee-bee jee-bees. That poor, poor woman, who probably never got anything but grief about what she was doing wrong. I'm sure glad that you guys were there to act quickly, because she'd have been history for sure. BTW, I tell my Admiral that she's got a big butt all the time, even though it's not that big. She knows I like it.

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