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Teak deck repair

If you have teak decks on older trawlers and they need to be repaired/ replaced consider hiring a marine surveyor to assess the condition of your subdeck. If the subdeck is sound and it it just the teak that is worn you can, in most situations, simply sand down your old deck, remove anything loose, fill the voids with a poly adhesive and adhere a new* 1/4" or 3/8 " thick teak deck directly onto your old teak deck.

Removing an old deck is often very difficult and not always necessary.


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Teak deck repair

"Removing an old deck is often very difficult and not always necessary."

For most 30-40 year old TT the decks have been leaking since the bedding goop first gave up at the 8-10 year point.

Structural reinforcement is the norm , the deck may not need removal , if the boat stays inshore.

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