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RE: Tandem anchoring

Tom, I agree simple is better.* My own thoughts on anchor design is that the criticality of the particular design of the anchor goes down as the weight goes up, so I pretty much ignore the testing results of 20# hooks since an anchor that performs poorly when it weighs 20# may under most circumstances perform admirably when it weights 150#.* I would rather be anchored to a sunken D8 CAT bulldozer than a 176# Bruce anyday, but stowing the bulldozer on a roller poses a problem.* 99.9% of the time, the best advice is a primary anchor as big as you can handle.* It is during the other .1% of the time that boats are lost - think Moistessier's Joshua on the beach in Cabo for example.* The question is what should old Bernard have done, anchor-wise, to prevent the loss?* I like the simplicity of tandem anchoring in such situations, if the primary is designed for the purpose, which most anchors aren't.

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