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RE: Sunshine Coast, B.C.


Thanks for the advice and information.* Although we are taking 2 1/2 weeks, I've let people know that if we need to wait out weather, we could be later than the planned return date.* We both work in our own business, so we don't have any bosses other than our customers, we don't have aging parents, no children at home and good employees that are used to running things when we're away.* I won't let a schedule cause me to go out if bad weather is predicted.

I have a graph that shows the fuel burn of my Cummins 270B at different rpms and I know the speeds that I generally achieve at each rpm level.* That's where I got my original estimate of fuel consumption.* It has seemed to be reasonably accurate, but your way would account better for the effect of currents.

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RE: Sunshine Coast, B.C.


Some info that may be of use to you.
The weather reporting stations you need to listen to for your proposed trip are:
Chatham Point (West end of Johnstone Strait, north end of Discovery Passage)
Cape Mudge (Campbell River, south end of Discovery Passage)
Sentry Shoal (north end of Strait of Georgia)
Cape Lazo and Chrome Island (Comox)
Sisters Island (for Qualicums)
Grief Point (north end of Malaspina Strait)
Merry Island (south end of Malaspina Strait, north side of Strait of Georgia)
Halibut Banks (east side of Whiskey Golf)
Ballenas Island and Entrance Island (south side of Strait of Georgia, and each side of Whiskey Golf at the south end)
The forecast for the Strait of Georgia, North of Nanaimo will give you the info on using Whisky Golf as a North-South passage.* WX1 Victoria, WX3 Comox,
Winchelseas Island Control VHF Channel 10 or 16
Otherwise call Comox Coast Guard Radio, Vessel Traffic Services on 71A or listen to continuous broadcast on 21B.
You should also invest about $7 in the Canadian Tide and Currrent Tables, Volume 5 (the Green Cover), and use that for the tide info and rapids you choose to travel. *I would recommend you do NOT use NOAA data in B.C.


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RE: Sunshine Coast, B.C.

Good grief, I never knew boating in BC was such a tribulation! I once again on Friday crossed Georgia Strait (Salish Sea now) with nary a hiccup. As previously mentioned, there are a plethora or weather sites to tune into, likely the best in NA since*the Washington*and Alaska sites can be monitored also. Environment Canada is usually dead on for their 3 day predictions.

Fuel you ask - probably better*monitored than Washington at the larger marinas because of the high commercial use and nanny BC regulations on fuel checks for water and filters. I will fill up in BC today vs going to Friday Harbor - traveling 40 miles to save 40 cents per gallon and dealing with the Customs hassles both ways is hardly worth it for 350 gallons.

Spots to duck into or check out for fun are well covered in the Waggoner and Peter Vassilopoulos guide books.


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RE: Sunshine Coast, B.C.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your post, you made me laugh.* Everyone that responded has been helpful.* They don't know my boating experience or lack thereof, so they have given good info to try and keep me out of trouble.* I watch the weather carefully and I agree that B.C. has great weather resources.*

I've never been caught out in something on the B.C. coast on a powerboat that was very bad.* The worst winds I have seen in B.C. were in a double kayak.* We were crossing back from the Brooks Peninsula across Nasparti Inlet on a hot afternoon.* We waited too late and got caught in terrifying outflow winds.* The wind was blowing so hard that that my wife in the front of the kayak couldn't make out what I was yelling when I said we needed to turn.* Fortunately the training we'd done in wind paid off and we got safely out of the situation.* Sea kayaks are amazingly seaworthy little boats.* When we bought our first powerboat, I told Shelley that I would never purposely put her into a frightening situation, but we both know you can get surprised.

I have the Waggoner and Vassilopous and other guides, I just like local knowledge too.* Your advice on fuel is a good example.

OS, I've tried three places for the Tide and Current tables, Vol 5.* I got Vol. 6 but all of them were sold out of Vol 5.* I'm hoping I'll be able to get a copy when I get into BC.


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