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Originally Posted by refugio View Post
And that Gulfstar...look at the way the transom door hangs up on the swim step. Look at the surprisingly low freeboard. Imagine launching that RIB. Some seriously poor thinking there.
It's not the best looking boat in the world after all they have done to it. But launching the RIB shouldn't be a problem with that nice big davit. (Other than I bet the boat leans a fair bit when the RIBs dangling off the side. ).

As to the freeboard, if you're talking about the height off the water of the swim platform, that looks just fine to me.

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To many owners their boats are like children or family members, heck, we even give them names - so like people's kids, I'll agree that your daughter is beautiful even if she's a hideous hound. You don't insult a man's kids or wife or boat, even if they do look like gargoyles.

I agree with some of the comments on function over looks too, and not just because we own a clorox bottle right now. In my mind even a small dumpy sailboat looks prettier and sleeker and more nautical than our tennis shoe, but having spent weeks on pretty modern 40-something sailboats in rain and cold and summer heat - well, I'll enjoy the tennis shoe with seven foot headroom in both berths, stairs instead of a ladder down, big salon windows instead of slits, and admire the elegance of those more nautical boats from afar.

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By way of a followup to my earlier question, this friend and his wife and I were at the club today. I sat for awhile with them and told him my thoughts about the boat and explained that at some point they would want to sell it for a different boat.

I said the Mariner is so ugly it could take years to sell. A friend of mine had one and it was on the market for over for years before he found a sucker, errr, I mean a buyer.
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Reverse chine boats are almost always ugly in my opinion, no matter what size they are.
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Maybe ugly, maybe beautiful. Can't decide but it surely is strange.
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Two of them in my marina, owners love them. They have them in covered slips, stern into the dock. They both sit side by side with a big barbeque they share on the dock. Who am I to judge.
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I'm not a fan of those bullet looks either, and it's funny, I'm surrounded by them. In my slip, I have 2 behind me and 1 next to me and they're ALL for sale!

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