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[QUOTE=BlueYonder The Coast Guard told me that while I wasn't required to have the system, if I did, I was required to maintain the inspection log.[/QUOTE]

Are you a commercial boat of some kind?

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Nope, just a recreational user

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Should an engine be flooded with water , more than one oil change is required.

Plan on 3 , so save the pails or containers to have a place for the bad stuff.

All boats can burn , steel, Fire Retardant resin or the cheap stuff.

Lube oil does not give off fumes like gasoline , so must be lit by a fairly hot fire.

If its a fire danger , so is the paint on the bulkheads.
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Unfortunately engine-room mishaps often occur when the space is unoccupied, and often the culprit is the improper handling and/or stowage of flammable materials. There are certain things that should never be in an engine room, among them spare lube oil, all solvents, and all rags

Technically lube oil is not flammable as it has typically has a pretty high flash point.

Rotella T 15W-40 has a flashpoint of 435F. Incidentally it has a NFPA rating of 0,1,0 (1 being "slight" for fire hazard).

Combustible yes, flammable no.

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