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RE: Steading Sails / Get home propulsion

Mark,* Love the tanbark!* Looks great!** JohnP

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RE: Steading Sails / Get home propulsion

*Mavis and I have been Sailing big offshore sailboats for 47 years .

**Don't tell me that i we have to sell our boat for another sailboat.

*Sailboats do have their shortcomings, *they lean over jump off the tops of waves *at night and *are *very dangerous in bad weather, *some what similar to climbing Mount Everest *in a bathing suit.

**it is the same as having a cold shower and *at *the same time tearing up $10,00 bills.

*FF says don't go out in bad weather he is absolutely right. ****

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RE: Steading Sails / Get home propulsion

Wow, Mark, that is really a sweet looking boat.* It has come together beautifully.

You said "unfurled" for the sails.* Did you go with furlers?* Very smart if you did, but that shows a real committment.** Are you going to ship or bring her over on her bottom?* I hope the latter, as I would be great fun to follow the trip.* You could photo shop a picture of a hurricane in the background over yourself tied to the mast!* I'll show you how to use Photoshop for the purpose! (you probably know that Delfin is actually a 28 foot Reinell that I have Photoshopped...)

I'm guessing that as small as they may appear, on a broad reach those sails will be worth 2 knots under typical conditions, which will save a whole lot of fuel.

Very nicely done!
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RE: Steading Sails / Get home propulsion

Thanks, Carl.* The Coot will make the transpacific voyage onboard a*ship.* A trip on her bottom*would have*to be staged/photoshopped.

Yes, the sails*have furlers. *

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