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Originally Posted by TDunn View Post
My concern was that the underway check list simply wasn't adequate when it comes to awareness.

Okay, how would you suggest modifying it to make it better?

Originally Posted by TDunn View Post
If you need a check list to remind you to be aware of the surroundings, then you shouldn't have the helm unless you are just learning to handle the boat under the close supervision of a competent captain.
I don't know it's there as much to remind you, as much as it's there as a reference for experienced skippers; and as you point out a learning tool for new crew. It has been demonstrated that people are less likely to make a mistake or forget a task if they have a checklist to cross reference. That's why they are standard practice in any large airplane. I, like any commercial airliner does, have a pre-departure checklist, an engine start checklist, etc, etc, including various emergency procedure checklists for everything from engine failures to smoke in the cabin, etc . It's not that I don't know what the procedures are. However I understand that I will be a safer more consistent pilot if I use them. Same principle applies to the boat. Sure the boats a simpler machine in some ways, but the point is just as valid.

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Originally Posted by TDunn View Post
I really think you should be continuously aware of everything on you list except fuel consumption and barometer. I know I am, particularly when it comes to the surroundings, engine rpms, engine temp, speed. 15 minutes is a long time and translates to a considerable distance (2 nm at 8 knots).
I think it's obvious that he wasn't recommending that you only check those things every 15 minutes on the dot. There are just listed as a reminder with a some what arbitrary time. The verbiage could be changed to reflex that of course.

Any rational person is going to be scanning the gauges and horizon on a more regular or even, as you mentioned, on a continuous basis.

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Thanks for mailing the Excel-check list

Good job!

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I used to log the ER check measurements in the main running log. I didn't have a rigorous schedule for them so it was also good to have a reminder of how much time since last done. Important to relate the measurements to RPM, time since getting underway, etc. . I was more disciplined when blue water cruising than when on the ICW or more protected waters. I had mechanical gauges in each ER which were very accurate, so in addition to the infrared thermometer readings, I'd log those too and compare to the helm gauges. The latter were constantly scanned, but you never know when they could get further out of whack (which a few of them were, slightly).


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