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Sliding Door

I have a big, heavy door from the sundeck to the salon that is very hard to slide. The door slides, but it's almost like it's "lumpy" and as my wife has pointed out, it takes a lot of effort to get it to move.

I think the problem may be the "Delrin" strip that the bottom of the door rests and slides on. I'm just guessing it's Delrin. It's about 3'8" wide x 1/2" high x 5' long. Pretty small and thin.

Does anybody have any ideas on where I might get a piece something like this? I've done a quick internet search and haven't found any pieces that look like they will work. The best I'm seeing so far is cutting a big 4'x4' sheet to size. I went into TAP Plastics and they said they might not be able to cut it that small.

Any leads would be appreciated.

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Mr. IM. Is the door supposed to slide or roll? I recently had a "lumpy" door and turns out, over the years the rollers had seized up and worn a flat spot on one side. When I finally freed them up, as you can guess, bumpity bump on the flat spot. Possibly removing the door would shed light on your lumpiness-dirt, abrasion? I'm having problems sourcing a strip for my door as well. 5/16" wide, 1/8" thick by 5'.

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Try a Google search on UHMW strip. (Ultra High Molecular Weight)

I used some on my sliders that was given to me by Pineapple Girl. It works great.
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I'm rebuilding my sliding doors and tracks right now . I bought some UHMW from Mc master Carr .i hope it works . They probably have delrin also. I did not think about starboard Xsbank, that may be the best way, that stuff is pretty slick .
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I have the same type of track system and on my door there is a brass strip embedded in the bottom of the door. When I removed the door to replace the strip below with UHMW it was obvious that the brass strip had worn to a bow shape being high in the middle. When you tried to slide the door, the door would tilt, dig in and was tough to move. I took a grinder and file to flatten the strip, replace the UHMW strip that I got a local plastic supplier and it works great. I had to buy a strip 4" wide but the table saw quickly ripped a small strip off for what was needed.
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The Trawler Beach House: Sliding Door Repair For Exterior Door
Dave Frye
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Repair Sliding Doors - Sliding Door Tracks and Sliding Door Wheel Rollers

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Thanks for all the replies, it looks like I've got some leads to track down.

RT, I do have a roller on the top of the door, but I don't know if there is one at the bottom. I do know the white "delrin" strip is broken in a few spots so that is what I've focused on, but you are probably right that there is a roller inside. The problem may well lie with that strip/roller interface .
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I have used pieces cut from white uhmw that started as a $10.00 cutting board. the Admiral was less than pleased until I replaced her "modified" cutting board. I kept the modified cutting board around as a cutting board for all boat related now lives under my grab tool bucket.

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