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Skyroam questions

Has anyone tried Skyroam? It advertises that it is a mobile hotspot that works everywhere. Does it really and how does it compare to using your phone as a hotsport? How does it compare price wise? Inquiring minds want to know, and don't want to suffer if someone else already has.

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It’s a 4g system so you will still need to be in sight of a cell tower. It looks like it’s offering 5 gigs a day for $9 a day. That’s pretty cheap compared to Verizon’s $15 for 5 gig.

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We use an Ipad Pro (11") for navigation (Navionics), and also for our hot spot. Phones get too hot when streaming movies, but the Ipad works great. We have unlimited data with ATT for the Ipad. Added a Roku smart TV and we get Netflix and tons of other channels, including local and hometown news.
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I have one of the original Skyroams and have had great luck with it. The only country (so far) that it didnít give me WiFi was in Montenegro. That was two years ago, and they may have added that service since. I just returned from Austrailia and New Zealand and it worked great in both countries. One of the nice things is if you are walking or driving, you can use your cell phone or iPad for google maps, Resturant recommendations etc.
I start it, throw it in my pocket or backpack and it is available as needed. Mine allows up to four devices to connect at the same time.
I have several friends that also have them. If we travel together one starts his up and we all piggyback off it for the day.
They have a new one out called Solaris ( I think thatís the name) and it also has a battery backup included to recharge your phone or tablet. I donít have any first hand knowledge about those except I keep getting pop up adds on my iPad for them.
My 24 hour day charges are $8... if others share, itís pretty cheap. I also used it on a cruise ship. When we were close enough to land to have a cell signal, I could put it on the balcony for the best reception and then it would supply my phone, iPad and my wifeís WiFi.
I have had trouble trying to get SIM cards to work so I went that route. Get off the plane in Paris and turn it on to get an Uber from the airport and the savings from a cab will pay for a weeks free WiFi.
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It definitely has it's place and the fact it works globally is a great feature. Doesn't work everywhere anymore than the cell carriers do. The buttons are a bit clunky and annoying but once you figure them out, ok. The speeds also vary widely by area and country and are quite slow in some places.

I'd recommend you look also at the GLocalMe. I believe their performance is a bit better even though not in quite as many countries. Plus the device is smaller.
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