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Galaxy Girl wore out a bunch of forums. But, there's been a bunch of "dreamers" that ended up doing nothing at all. Whatever happened to Portager, the transportable trawler yacht.

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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post

Sorta like many forum posts...heck one member here even bragged...better to be articulate than smart and experience because you will hold the attention of the masses.

Wait I thought we were talking about GG and Not DT

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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
I hope it was a good experience for the kids. I think certainly in the early days where she was sharing more information they were finding it to be a great time. I can't imagine they much enjoyed winter docked in Boston, however.

She was a constant contradiction, but I think that's the real her with sequences of things that just make no sense to most of us. Had to rush back to Boston to get the kids back in school there and because she did business there. But now to California which indicates all that wasn't important, so why didn't she just stay in a warm climate to start.

I can't imagine trying to work with her as a captain or shipyard. That doesn't mean she's a bad person. It just means trying to get her to listen would have been very difficult and annoying.

Very different than the norm, but we certainly are too, so don't criticize that. Just better listening skills when dealing with things new to her would have been very beneficial.

Opening it all up to everyone to follow and read, either courage or something else or a bit of each.
As you mention, she's difficult and annoying... as well as pretty much a pig headed know it all. I, as did many others on TF, tried best to provide her and her mom with credible knowledge to assist choices. She kicked us and out input to the curb (i.e. overboard - lol) tooooo many times. Eventually I simply deleted her from being able to get her posts or threads to my computer... as also did others.

I don't accept difficult and annoying for very long... whens pig headed and know it all comes into play - Color Me GONE!!!
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Originally Posted by skipperdude View Post
Shoulda: bought a boat that was better maintained.

If you use something sooner or later it's going to break.

Woulda: bought a boat with less toys an just plain better hard ware.

She was made of good wood and good iron. They said she would never go down. ( reported of the SS Titanic)

Coulda: bought just the right boat if I only had the money.

It's only money. Can't take it with you and you can't live forever.

Go ahead. It's all about quality of life along the way.

Is it the voyage or the vessel?

sd Attachment 42642

Love that water colour, who did it ? Link to more of his/her work ?
If you can live with the consequences, go for it - wg
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Originally Posted by boatpoker View Post
Love that water colour, who did it ? Link to more of his/her work ?
Just a guess, but it looks to me like a digitally "solarized" photograph.

"The most interesting path between two points is not a straight line" Murray Minchin
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