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Originally Posted by chester613 View Post
WOW! This post has gone wild! I never mentioned Bears, because I never even seen a bear in my whole life. I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. I'm pretty much a city boy. I was worried about a "home invasion" type of thing. Maybe I don't have to worry? I've been to City Island by boat. That's within walking distance of a pretty crappy neighborhood in the Bronx. I never had a problem. I think I will not bother getting a gun. Thanx for all these answers.
Best reply in awhile!

Be careful what you ask...all to often a tidbit takes on a life of its own...

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When Andrew Cunanan came through our town and murdered a park ranger there, my wife and I decided to research purchasing a gun for home defense. I do not own any guns. I bought a Home Defense Gun Digest or some such at the sporting goods store. 32 top experts weighed in on the "best gun for home defense". They ranged from 12 gauge bullpup shotgun, .44 snub nose revolver, .22LR revolver, Colt 45, WW2 Italian machine pistol, Mini-Ruger rifle, 9MM pistols, .357 magnum revolvers, on and on. Each expert explained why their choice was "best". So we bought a dog instead.

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Trawler Forum is the equivalent of a knomish committee. A little knome/engineer comes up with a decent idea, then it goes to committee and comes back as something only remotely similar. Fun tho, aint it ?
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Highwire, that's a great story! However, you are fully responsible for the debate on "which is the best dog" that's bound to follow!

I'd like to live like a poor man....only with lots of money
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