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As to the Fleming-while they are built for long ocean passages, it is still a bit of apples to oranges comparisons as they are SD hulls. the 72' mentioned carries 3,600 gallons because it ahs twin 3412's with about 1300 hp each. Not the most efficient ocean crossing setup.[/QUOTE]

I agree somewhat with your statement on the Fleming 72 vs this Selene being apples to oranges but the fact of the matter is, the so called experts would place both of these vessel in the same class in the trawler family.

Tony Fleming himself would say his vessels are not trawlers (he calls them motor yachts.) But yet the experts places them in the trawler family at any boat show or Trawler fest. So taking that into account, I would say it is apples to apples when comparing these 2 vessels in the over scale of things because the are in the same class, even though one is full and the other is semi displacement.

As far as the F-72 having 3,600 gal of fuel because of the big cats, that is not the case. When this vessel as built (Like all other Flemings) you have a choice in power plants. You could get twin 800 hp as well but the fuel tank stayed the same at 3,600 gals, unless you wanted smaller tanks which some people did.

In most cases, most of the owners wanted speed if needed, so they place 1500 hp Mans or Big Cats in the vessel. Even with the lager power plants, the Flemings range at the lower speed (Like 7 or 8 Knots) is really great, I believe 2,800 nm or so. But that is open for debate as we all know because of the many factors.

If I would buy this F-72, I would remove the 3412s and replace them with C-18s which would give me better GPH on long cruises with the 3,600 gal tanks and plus do some other things to her to help the GPH.

In any case. Apples to apples comes down to many different thing in someone eyes. To me it is apples to apples, to you it is not and I am cool with that. But for me I like having more fuel then most people but I do hate the fill ups though!

Happy cruising

H. Foster

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Just found this thread!

What a breath of fresh Air. All very nice boats. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have mine. Not wanting to Jinx anything, so I'll remain positive and hope this one works out.
Wish me luck!

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