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Season start-up of GB32 Systems.

I am very new to this, just having launched my Grand Banks 32 for the first time. I had it professionally winterized and will continue to do so. The engine is a cinch, engines being my thing. My problem now is that I do not know exactly how to operationalize the AC, electric head, and water system.

I filled my potable water tank with enough water to get me started and flush out the redpop. Do I just flip on the f.w. pump switch, open faucets and let the pump run until all faucets have clear water coming out? How long does it take to fill the water heater, pipes etc. and get water to the faucets? Do not want to burn out a pump or anything.

The Raritan electric head seems to be fed by a line that comes off the intake for the engine cooling. Any special tricks regarding the head?

Now the AC: The seacock to the AC is open and the line leading to the pump is not obstructed. Flip on the AC turn the thermostat down, and assume the pump will start moving water through it?

Be patient with me, please. I grew up on a farm in SD that did not have indoor plumbing. Plumbers took care of my needs in my houses, but I can turn off a shut-off valve and change out a faucet. My sailboat had a handpump for potable water, a foot pump for seawater, and two porta-potties. All this fancy stuff is really new to me -- no shit!

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"How long does it take to fill the water heater,"

On most northern boats the HW heater will have a bypass valve..

This allows the pink goop to fill both cold and hot piping with out blowing 10 or 30 gallons of pink in the HW heater

Simply close the bypass, (usually a simple ball valve,) and close the drain on the HW heater.
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