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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
not to far off topic i hope, is this an issue that an engine survey would look at?
Absolutely! As noted above, both load (sea trial) and no load (at the dock). A good engine surveyor will bring their own gauges and have the boat run at various RPMS during the sea trial.


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All is not lost. I went back to look at the survey from 2012 where there was both a general marine surveyor and a specific engine surveyor on board during sea trial. They did, in fact, look at the parameters you suggest in regard to loading. The numbers were not exactly as I previously posted but close and I will try to attach that section. Bottom and prop were pretty fouled during this trial as boat had not been real active prior to purchase.
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It was asked what proportion of boaters understand the ramifications of wot speeds. I've run experiments and calculated it at just slightly less than the proportion who understand the ramifications of the dot size of their infra red temp gun.
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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
not to far off topic i hope, is this an issue that an engine survey would look at?
It should be a major issue in an engine survey(rarely covered in standard boat survey). your surveyor should photo time your motor at the dock and confirm accuracy of tachometers and make a deviation chart then sea trial first for WOT no load then out on the water WOT full load. If this is not done get a different surveyor. You would also be wise to get owners permission to open turbos for a look. Any large high output engine that has been run over propped or with signs of moisture in turbo becomes a much higher risk for future premature failure.
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Yes, a good engine survey should cover this. I just had the heat exchangers service with new exhaust elbows installed. I ran the boat with the mechanic in the engine room. We ran it up to high idle to check the governed top rpm. Then we took it out and after a warm up ran the engines at top speed. This while checking temperatures at critical points of water flow and exhaust. The engines turned their rated rpms at 34 knots. All points were checked for leaks and waterflow. All this should be done on an engine survey.

There is a lot of money in that engine compartment. It is good to know the engines are running in top form.

Edit: Forgot to add that the tachs were checked with an optical tach while doing the check. They were withing 50 rpms. With the synch on they were dead on it. She was smooth and ran like the clappers.
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thanks all, hope to need a good survey in the near future

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