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Salt water wash pump hose storage at bow

I have this 120vac Jabsco utility bronze pump.
I split the output so I have a hose at stern and hose at bow.

At the bow, I have a PVC pipe fitting. I took an corrugated dishwasher discharge hose and that passes through the pvc fitting and is joined to the hose in the anchor locker below the deck. Other end of dishwasher discharge hose is connected to spray nozzle.

I works ok . It does go up and down.
The drain hose is a smaller diameter than the supply hose and it is 50 feet back to the pump.
So it may restrict the flow a little.
I was thinking would it be better to coil the hose on the SS bow rail, keeping the hose the same size all the way to the spray nozzle? Is there some add on hose holder for such a thing?
I can pull the hose up to wash anchor and push it back so only part above deck is the spray faucet.
Is this just a dumb idea to coil a hose on a bow rail?
If I use the bow hose at all it is for washing off the anchor.

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Here's what I installed about 5-6 years ago.


I replaced the nozzle with a straight brass nozzle that works well. It takes about 10 seconds for the pressure to build enough to blast the mud off the anchor and chain, but it works. Like you, I split the supply line to provide a RW washdown in the cockpit as well.

Is that corrugated hose rated for pressurized water? I wouldn't want a supply hose to break with the pump tuned on. I installed a lighted switch so I have an idiot light to remind me that I left the pump on again!


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City: Hampton Va Back River
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I can see the advantage there, it coils back in the box easily.
Here is another one cheaper.

For my spray nozzle, mine is fixed, a sweeper nozzle.
To turn it on and off, I have a rotary plastic valve with a quick disconnect fitting also bought from Amazon.


It is pretty decent actually, still working since 2014 and in salt water.
For this type usage, all plastic is great. All the other handle type nozzles fail in a few months. Even cheap plastic spray handles have a steel spring.
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