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salt water cooling circulation

Hello All,
It looks like I have something stopped up in my cooling system. I have a T6.354 with fresh water heat exchanger and ocean water supply. I put in a new heat exchanger last week because it was stopped up but now it appears that there is a blockage on the sea water part. I have a new impeller and it is pumping. On what appears to be the supply side of the heat exchanger, the water pressure keeps blowing off the 1" hose as if there is a blockage upstream from that. I haven't begun tracing it out yet but I don't have a circulation diagram. Can somebody offer suggestions/ideas as to where to find one and any other advice?

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There are a number of possible blockage points, but I'll have to defer to others about specifics because I'm not familiar with your particular setup but regardless of a blockage, there is no way the hose should be blowing off. So that is one thing you need to remedy.


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You may just have to disconnect some hoses and see what's up. That water will eventually end up going into your exhaust.

There arent that many hoses. Disconnect them one at a time and blow through one end. Blow through the coolers.

Check to make sure the shipping caps, if any, were removed from the cooler before install.
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Shipping cap is a good suggestion, easy to miss.
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My T6.354 did that once. It was the zinc from the heat exchanger dislodged and got stuck in the inlet to the (raw water cooled) exhaust manifold.
Good luck.
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