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Sad days for former Presidential yacht Sequoia...>>

Judge to weigh value of historic presidential yacht Sequoia - Washington Times


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It's never pretty to see a piece of history go by the wayside. I drive past Admiral Byrds personal yacht weekly. She was a very unique vessel It's been dying a slow death for the past 20 years. She was about 50 feet with a high plumb bow and flush deck running to a small pilot house set well aft. The pilot house fell in last year and she's pretty much gone. I'm told that she was really a horrible boat in beam seas with it's extremely high freeboard and narrow beam. But that just adds to the mystique... I suspect the owner felt it was worth far more than she was really worth. Now she's dust in the wind.

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It IS good some pieces of history are retained and cared for but where does one stop? Who makes the call? What is the cost and to whom? Just how significant IS any particular artifact?
If the Sequoia is deemed a National Historic Landmark, why is it in private hands?

Indeed sad such a historic vessel may be done.
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Clearly as threats to the president became more sophisticated, it became unrealistic for theSequoia to be used as originally intended. Shame it didn't end up in one of the presidential libraries like Ronald Reagan's Air Force 1.

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If the Sequoia is deemed a National Historic Landmark, why is it in private hands?

Many buildings both public and residential that have been designated National Historic Landmarks are privately why not a boat? The owners are allowed to occupy and maintain them, and update plumbing, wiring etc to keep up with changing safety codes, but are enjoined from making any structural changes. Unfortunately, though, the owners aren't REQUIRED to maintain them, so some do turn out to be more than their owners can afford, with the same consequences that apply to any other real estate.

'Twould really be a shame for SEQUIA to die--not only because of her historical significance, but because she's a magnificent example of a Trumpy--one of the finest yachts of her day. She belongs in a maritime museum.
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