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Originally Posted by oscar View Post
I would be hesitant to piss off a war ship, regardless of nationality. That's like bringing a knife to a gun fight.
On my son's first Naval deployment (2005 or thereabout) on a frigate patroling for drug runners off the west coast of Central America, they interdicted a number of the open 40-foot open boats that were commony used at that time. Generally, they were equipped with three high horsepower outboards. A helicopter was used to chase down these vessels, forced them (.50 cal across the bow) to heave to, then a RIB manned by Coasties carrying a boarding party made an arrest. The cocaine was off-loaded and the boat sunk. In one instance, the drug runners refused to stop. That did not last long. A sniper aboard the helicopter took out the outboards setting the boat and its occupants on fire. Overboard they jumped. The entire incident was captured on video. Unfortunately, I misplaced the DVD that my son gave to me. At the end of that deployment, the ship came home with15 tons of cocaine.

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rardoin - In the mid 80s I was a military advisor to COTP NOLA when the TED (turtle excluder device) was mandated for shrimp trawlers. Following/during the actions you referred to regarding the home boys versus the Vietnamese, there was serious concern at the District level that the shrimpers might invoke some Russian signals to the Coasties who had to enforce the TED. The way the USCG was equipped and trained in those days, the shrimpers probably packed more operational and ready firepower than the Coast Guard. Informal "beer summits" conducted by the USCG Chiefs with the fishers probably did more to diffuse that situation than all of the pius threats that Washington issued.

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