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I go back into the 1950's and 60's in boating. Back then, floating docks on New England coast were basically non existent. Rubrails are needed when rubrails are needed... and... not needed when not needed. Just that simple! As an analogy... bumpers on a car are usually not needed... but you’re glad they are there when they are needed. So far as looks go for rubrails on any boat - each to their own!

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Interesting topic. I can't say I'd instal rubbing strakes if the boat didn't originally come with them BUT I think I'd replace existing ones if it became necessary due to rot or damage.
I have both a substantial sheer strake faced with 1/4" X 2" stainless steel and an non faced rubbing strake. Both have born the brunt of their share of "oopsies" from pilings. Strategically placed fenders serve for docks, either fixed or floating.
So Mr. saintglenn to answer your question regarding benefits or drawbacks I think if the builder of your boat saw fit to originally instal such items there probably was a geometrical reason (the shape of Mr. Art's hull negates a rubbing strake due to hull flare) rather than an esthetic one.
I have also used the strakes to pivot around pilings in "honeymoon" situations.

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