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Rope clutch and Dyneema line

I would like to know if anyone has had any experience using this combination.
My intent is to use an electric hoist, 120 Vac, and Dyneema type (synthetic) line.
This would be for a tender hoist setup.
Considering the possibility of a power failure, I could "free spool" the hoist, and use the clutch to pay out the line.
Anyone have real life experience with this setup? any comments as to feasibility?

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Hi Captain465,

Yup, direct experience with both a 12V hoist, and synthetic line for the cable. In my experience, using a HOIST ( for instance) instead of using a WINCH for the hoisting windlass is important. Although hoists are sold at a premium versus winches of seemingly greater capacity, winches lack a suitable brake to stop the dinghy from overrunning the hoist, and paying out cable when you stop hoisting the dinghy. Nothing is more aggravating, and potentially dangerous, than stopping the hoist to position the dinghy, meanwhile modulating the winch button to keep the dinghy in one place. Better to hoist, and have the hoist lock in place once you take your finger off the "up" button. Ditto "down".

Regarding freewheeling, not a good idea at all. I've not seen a winch (and absolutely haven't seen a hoist) with a clutch that can be selectively freewheeled. Yup, you can unlock the drum, as long as it isn't under load, but if you've got the dinghy suspended overside, not so much. Simply maintain the electrical system and hoist appropriately, and use the hoist as intended.

As far as the synthetic line is concerned, absolutely. I've had way too many wickers from stainless hoist cables to tolerate that aggravation any longer. Synthetics are available with ample hoist capacity to make use of synthetics a no-brainer on a dinghy hoist. BUT, you must be mindful of how you terminate the synthetic on the hoist drum initially, and how you form the lifting eye splice. Not hard, but important to do correctly. Make sure to have ample wraps on the drum, and secure the dead end properly. Synthetics are slippery.



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Can anyone recommend a portable DC capstan-style version?

Need a lot more rope than 15'. . .
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