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"Are you arguing that maintenance and upkeep are not important to a GRP hull and deck?"

Pretty much.Mostly cosmetics is affected.

A solid GRP hull left open to the elements does not suffer harm from rain or snow over the years.

Physically GRP does will last a long long time with out structural damage.

There are Boston Whalers from the 60's that have been outside, uncovered for 50+ years.The wood may be dust , but the hull is still sound.

A larger boat will have huge , mostly cosmetic problems , inside the interior may be shot , and the machinery and systems may be ruined , but the hull will still be sound .

The hulls of wooden , steel or glass over ply will probably be long gone with no maint abuse, but the solid GRP does survive , as do the more expensive cored hulls .

This makes the selection of a fixer upper far easier , paint is lots simpler than re laminating a deck.

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Using a Boston Whaler as an example is convenient but not representative. A "solid hull GRP" has bulkheads, has decks, has equipment attachments, has fittings, and every one of those is an opportunity of potential ingress of water. It's not just a hull. It is also exposed to conditions and may have damage from being in or being filled with ice. If you were talking just a solid piece of fiberglass or just an empty hull with no boat, then and only then do I buy your statement. I believe maintenance and upkeep play a role as well as initial build quality since in the real world we can't speak of a hull in a vacuum.

I think it's fair just to say I don't agree with you and you don't agree with me and leave it at that.

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Could not agree more that hull and structure maintenance is important. But FF's point is well taken that good bones enter into the equation. A well constructed FRP vessel that is well maintained has a demonstrated shelf life of 50 years and counting and still looks very good - without a ground up redo.

Carl's Delfin is a good example of a steel hulled vessel that is near perfect. But then I have been aboard some early 70's FRP 60 footers that are equally pristine. So lots to ponder here.
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another possibly good example from what I have read and seen....

wooden window construction techniques on Grand Banks versus the Taiwan gang.

maybe it was better maintenance buy higher priced boat owners...but I think the GB window design and construction was superior and led to a lot less interior damage.
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Interesting you bring this up PS, because one of the several reasons I have not looked seriously at say year 2000 or so GBs are the poor window designs on my favorite models. You are right, they are pretty good, but not always good enough IMHO. I serve up DeFevers, Selenes, Flemings (yes, Tony knew of the issues) or Nordhavns as examples of very good leak proof windows.

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