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Originally Posted by HiDHo View Post
Ski in NC, ever work on a reciprocating steam engine ? All the old Navy destroyers had one in each engine room for pumping bilges. We could even rig them up to run off compressed air when the boilers where idle.
Then there's the movie " Sand Pebbles " that was a Skinner Uni-Flow reciprocating engine, never worked on or operated one of those but had to know them from the manuals for promotion exams.
Correction, I just googled up info on the steam engine and found out it was made by Vickers and the engine room scenes where shot in California. The USS San Pablo actual was powered by a Diesel engine for the movie.
No, never worked with recips. Steam turbines, yes, but those just sit there and "whirr". Kind of boring to a gearhead. SSN/SSBN and commercial nuke.

Some of last iterations of the recip were interesting. Corliss valves for one. I need to look up the Skinner. And watch "Sand Pebbles" again.

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The Amador Sawmill and Mining Association (Amador County, CA) has a number of restored and operational steam engines (including a 1904 Corliss) that they operate in conjunction with an antique but functional sawmill. Quite a show for an old MM who started life as a BT.

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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
I stumbled on an interesting one while searching for John Wayne movies.

Sea Chase.

Wayne plays a German steamer capt in the early days of WW2. Not his trademark role.
Add to that great movie, John Wayne's Island in the Sky and The High and the Mighty. Both are great movies!
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My father's favorite, "The best years of our lives".
Al Johnson
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Originally Posted by alormaria View Post
My father's favorite, "The best years of our lives".
I'll put that one tie with Grapes of Wrath as the saddest movie of all time.

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