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Originally Posted by ben2go View Post
And I thought that was a medical profession.
No, that's an Orthogontist

Steve W

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Originally Posted by refugio View Post
Re: PH and FB are orthogonal

Indeed, while I was intending it as hyperbole, I think it's quite true.

If I told you that boat X had a FB, would that help you predict whether that boat also had a PH? Or if I told you it had a PH, would that help you predict the existence of a FB? In both cases I would assert that the answer is "no", and that they are statistically independent.

I do recall one edge case: a Hatteras 58YF that had an extended hardtop on the FB, completely enclosed, with an interior set of stairs to the main deck. It was heated and cooled and had extensive electronics. I think you could make the argument that it was both a FB and a PH. <smile>
There are actually quite a few models with enlcosed flybridges if you consider a flybridge as the area above a main salon area of a samller vessel...I think at some point calling them flybridges (tho that's the common term) is kinda pointless.

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