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Pump out issue

I recently discovered that my pump out does not seem to be working. *Thinking it was a plugged vent I pulled the sensor assembly but still no draw through the hose. *Next I figured the pickup tube had fallen off but lifting the pickup hatch assembly an inch I can see the tube for both the pump out and the macerator (which does work). *This leaves me thinking I have a clog in the pump out line. *Supporting this is a) when I tried to pump I immediately drew "blue stuff" (the anti-stink stuff) I had poured in; and b) I then drew some waste, but very little. *Has anyone ever snaked this line? *Does anyone see a downside to taking the easy way out and putting in some liquid plumber once I confirm the vent is fully clear?

Thanks for any experience!


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RE: Pump out issue

If you have a plastic down-tube in the tank this won't be the problem, but if you by chance have a metal down-tube these will corrode and eventually pinhole. At that point the pumpout or macerator pump won't pull anything lower than the uppermost hole.

We periodically shoot water through our vent line from the outlet on the side of the hull to make sure it's clear. If you have an odor filter on the vent line you can't do this but from what Peggie Hall says those filters are pointless and shouldn't be used anyway as they cause more problems than they solve.

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RE: Pump out issue

I have had my pump out line clogged, Cycling the valve from the pumpout pump to surge the line cleared it Maybe you could blow tru it with a shop vac
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RE: Pump out issue

magicbus wrote:
...the macerator (which does work)...**
Dave:* Instead of a mascerator*have you considered replacing it with a*Sealand T-Series Discharge Pump.* They can run dry and are self priming to 8 feet (?) and if it went down the head it can usally pump it over the side.* I have replaced a lot of macerator pumps that I have been*told worked.
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RE: Pump out issue

Sorry for the confusion Larry. The overboard macerator pump does work and allowed me to empty the tank offshore, the deck fitting vacuum pump out is what does not work. I do like the idea of using reverse pressure - a hose down the fitting with a water blast might do the trick.

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