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And it worked! :-)

What kind of boat is that?
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Originally Posted by nabb View Post
How do you confuse an engineer? Stick him in a round room and ask him to sit in the corner.
I would consider the interface between the wall and floor a corner and sit there.

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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
Sad to say as I am still pissed that there was such a run to make things offshore and prices are still high, but the Chinese are making some quality stuff and I have heard their wages will reach North American heights is a very few years. For example, the guys that made Dewalt drills got laid off when production moved to China and now those workers can't afford to buy a Dewalt drill. The prices never fell, the companies made windfall profits and now the skilled workers in North America flip burgers.
They say most CEOs are psychopaths and I have never doubted it.
True true. Reminds me of a quote from Jessie Jackson, when he ran for president... While being shown through a plant where robots were making cars; he was asked, wasn't it wonderful... Yes, he said, but robots don't buy cars.
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Originally Posted by Bob Cofer View Post
And it worked! :-)
No confusion here ... finally decided to coment, that's all.

And, who said the room is a flat based cylinder? It might be spherical ... which is round, or it might be elliptical where to the point where the intersection of the wall and plates are so acute that reaching it is not possible.

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