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I am glad for all you guys with steel trap minds. Some of us aren't wired that way. I have seen boats belonging to long distance cruisers start to leave the dock with a power or TV cord or water hose or, yes, a line still attached on more than one occasion. Maybe it was because it wasn't usual to have that item attached to begin with. Fenders left hanging? Sure, someone gawked at the beautiful yacht coming down the fairway and forgot. Oh yeah, I had to turn the wheel hard to port to bring the boat in better on the spring line, it was nasty coming in last night, whoops forgot to recenter the helm, uh oh forgot to check the rudder angle on the autopilot. Some of us have more complex boats... stabilizer centered for close quarters and going in reverse, whoops forgot to center them when we came in. It's going to be bumpy outside today, everything secured...CRASH! That was pretty grundgy water with a lot of weeds yesterday... check the strainers? And that fuel dock was pretty sketchy, how are the Racor bowls looking now that ran for awhile yesterday afterwards? And so it goes. Then of course, there is the ER checklist once underway....


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Good points caltexflanc,
I've untied all my mooring lines and started backing out quite a few times in the last 10 years w the power chord still plugged in. Never damaged anything as I've always caught it on the fly and stopped. And now and then I leave some fenders down. I hate doing that. I do always center the helm though. I even do that w cars and trucks. And I have gone forth not thinking it would get rough and dumped stuff on the floor. And you have a very good point that more complicated boats have a much greater need for check lists. If I had a boat as big as yours I'd prolly have a good long list.


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Originally Posted by rwidman View Post
I once geave the helm to my (grown) daughter while I helped put up the bimini top. We were in a land cut on the ICW so I told her to just stay in the middle.

I forgot to tell her what to do in case we had to stop quickly.

Lucky we didn't need to and I was just a few feet away.

Seems you may need a check list after all. Better add this to it.
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Originally Posted by Nsail View Post
Seems you may need a check list after all. Better add this to it.
Naah, we were taking a ride on the ICW with her family and well underway when this happened. I had no prior plans to give her the wheel but after a half hour or so, some of the others were complaining about being in the sun and they couldn't figure out how to raise the bimini top. I just forgot that she has no boating experience.

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