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Power Cruising today

Here is a link to two puff pieces that pass for information today.

Infomercial is probably closer to reality, but still an interesting read.

Power & Motoryacht Magazine site,

State of the Art
The Return of the Motorsailer?

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Return of the Motorsailer

There has been several mags with similar articles in the past hew years.

Here is one 'ltr to the editor' I sent to Passagemaker mag upon there publishing such an article in Dec 2008

Motor & Sailing Vessels (MotorSailer) - Page 2 - YachtForums.Com

Power with Wind, The Return of the Motorsailer
copy of letter I recently sent to:
Bill Jacobs, Contributing Editor, PassageMaker magazine

I really appreciated reading your article on “ Power with Wind, The Return of the Motorsailer” in the Dec ‘08 issue of Passagemaker magazine. Back in the early days of this magazine I inquired on several occasions about submitting some material on the same subject of motorsailers, but it was rejected at that time as being outside their scope of subject matter due to it’s inclusion of a vessel “with sails”…no ‘sailing vessels’ allowed. I’m glad the magazine has awakened to the realities of this new world fuel situation, and given recognition to the old concept of the ‘motorsailer’.

I’m judging from the internet sites that you referenced and quoted in the article that you’ve done a fair bit of web browsing on the subject. This being the case, I would also assume that you have likely run across some of the discussions that I’ve contributed on the subject? Here are a few of those forum discussions in case you did not find them:

Motor/Sailer Design, Expedition Yacht
Motor/Sailer Design Expedition Yacht

Motor Sailers

Displacement Glider, PowerKeel, etc

Motor Sailers by Philip Rhodes & John Alden

Obviously I was very taken with the motorsailer concept as well. My early foray (66 years old) into the yachting field was met with most publications of that time making numerous mentions of the term “motorsailer”….very popular term at the time. Sadly the concept has been neglected for so long.

I confess I was a little disappointed that you failed to mention, nor make reference to, the possibilities of multihulled motorsailers, i.e.;

Motor/Sailing Catamaran Concept

Monohull verses Multihull powersailers / motorsailers

Gamefishing for Sail Under Sail (and power)

,,But I commend you on mentioning the kite-power possibilities. I’ve started this subject thread on several design forums (and particularly at the urging of Guillermo):

New Age Trawler/Motorsailer; Kite assisted PowerYacht

,,,And I do realize that you couldn’t cover the entire subject matter in only one article.

I want to make reference to your article on both boat forums, and include a link to Passagemaker magazine. It might also be nice that there existed a *permanent web location* where the forum members could go and read a copy of the article . But as happens far to often, many of them may not be able to gain access to the article at some point in the future when a linked-site is taken down. Would you consider placing a PFD article into the forum discussions? ….or is this not allowed in the publishing world?

Thanks again for your article on the subject matter,
Brian Eiland

PS: It was also very interesting that your motorsailer article was followed immediately with an article on Steve Dashew’s exciting new passagemaker, Wind Horse ,…
....a power vessel to contrast with the sailing vessels that he has promoted for years….nice contrast, and a wealth of interesting material.
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