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Polar Navy Shut Down

Any Polar Navy users (refugees?) here who would like to start a thread to compare notes? Iím looking at both Aqua Map and OpenCPN. I just installed CPN and, when it asked for a chart directory, pointed it to the one I set up for Polar Navy. Bingo, all the charts showed up in OpenCPN. OpenCPN looks like a great program but Polar Navy has become second nature and does everything I need. Maybe I can just use OpenCPNís chart download manager to update my charts and continue using Polar Navy for my navigation or while I gradually learn the new one and switch over.

Comments? (Please donít bother with replies like ďI like NavionicsĒ. I know that there are lots of people on the planet who like every navigation program there is. Iím looking for specific knowledge and opinions about migrating out of Polar Navy or continuing to make it work; not recommendations.)

BTW, if anyone knows what happened to PN, I'd love to hear.

Roger and Patsy
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I liked Polar Navy but it has declined over the last few years as the developer lost interest. I have both Aquamap and OpenCPN. Aquamap has quite a few quirks in my opinion. You are stuck with their charts and that is not really a good thing. OpenCPN takes a little getting used to from Polar Navy but you will learn to live with it. A few things better than Polar Navy, a few things not. You can use NOAA vector and raster, and CHS raster charts. The stitching is different than Polar Navy, but on the whole better - more control of it. MacENC is another one to look at (I have that too) but it does not stitch raster charts. At this point I'm pretty happy with OpenCPN, and the price is right.

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Open CPN does CHS vector and many other countries charts too!
Purchase official CHS charts through oeSENC plug-in.
At some future time they will offer CHS raster charts
Very reasonable prices.
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