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PLEASE READ....TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS! New users and veterans alike!

If you are a new visitor to Trawler Forum, WELCOME!* Please be sure to click on the NEW MEMBER link and join.* It only takes a few minutes and all we need is a valid email address. Send a short email with your login name if you are having problems to

We don't really have any rules here like some other sites you may have visited.* Other than the common sense stuff, you know: profanity, obscene crap, personal attacks, racisim, blah blah blah.

We do have some suggestions that will help this site be a great place to go for your power boating pleasure as well as the pleasure of others:
<ul>[*]Use the Search button - It can be your best friend. Having someone ask for the millonth time "How much scope should I use on my anchor line?" gets really boring.[*]Post in the proper forum - I know this General Discussion section is the first thing that you see, but we have been told that we could capsize this web site if we keep putting everything in here.* Also, please don't be offended if we quietly move it for you.* If your post has multiple parts, break it up and post in 2 forums or more.[*]Use the Technical Help forum - if you have questions on how to use this site. Don't be embarrassed, we were all Newbies at one time or another.[*]Stay out of OTDE - That's "Off The Deep End" for newbies.* There are crazy people in there!* I'm sure the FBI, CIA and NSA keep an eye on it. All kidding aside, ALL non boat stuff goes in there.[*]Have Fun! - John and I want to make this site useful and fun for everybody.* We like to get ideas on how we can make it better for you.* We won't be baby sitters.* If someone on the forum is bothering you, send them a very nice PM (Private Message) to try and work things out.[/list]We have a very good group of knowledgeable folks here that have the same interests as you.* Some are professionals and do this stuff for a living.* We think you will find that this forum is a great place to learn new stuff, make friends and turn your boating passion into something even more rewarding!

Happy Trawlering!
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