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Placing a boat in a charter fleet

I wanted to get input from anyone that has experience with placing a boat in a charter fleet or any experience with C & C Charters on Kent Island Maryland?

I am considering purchasing*a Mainship 390 or 34t (trawler) and placing it in a charter fleet for the summer months (when my job is busy) and then using her to go south in the late fall and return north in early spring.

Some of the questions I have are: how are boats treated (in general) by the people that charter them, do you think the revenue from the charters would cover the expenses, do you think there are there people that would do long term charters, would I be better off the find people that want to share or charter the boat myself and any other comments experiences you may have.

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RE: Placing a boat in a charter fleet

If you look at the thread "Leasing a Trawler" there is a pretty good discussion of this question.* I have a boat in charter in the NW, I can answer some of your questions.* Look the thread over and if you have more questions for me I'll answer them the best that I can.


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RE: Placing a boat in a charter fleet

At one time, I owned about the only trawler for charter on the East Coast. The folks who took her out were extremely easy on her. She was out for about 10 weeks a year.

I think the secret to success is a couple things.

First, a picture book of instructions detailing every procedure, tank location, gauge, setting, switch, drawer, key or handle.

And second a well maintained boat.

If you don't let the folks who run her get frustrated or annoyed because they don't know how to do something, or because something doesn't work, they'll be good to her...folks who charter trawlers are usually pretty laid back.
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RE: Placing a boat in a charter fleet


Your situation sounds a bit like mine, my business is busy during the late spring, summer and early fall but I have lots of time from Oct 31 to April 15 to run her down the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway to NC, SC GA or FL and back up.

I used to charter a Bayliner 3587 for about 4 or 5 years on the Chesapeake Bay until the owner sold her. I treated the boat like she was my own, even with small kids we never abused the boat in any way. It was a sweet deal and I wanted the owner to want us to come back and charter again. I think chartering a boat verses other rentals like cars, houses etc. is apples to oranges, different kind of person rents a boat and especially a trawler. I'm a pretty good judge of character...I notice details like people returning calls or emials promptly, how they groom themselves etc. If I decide to purchase and charter it I think it will be okay. Thanks for the input.
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I'm also looking at placing a Mainship 390 in to a charter fleet. Did you reach a decision? Any advice or learnings to share?

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WIll the current tax advantages survive the ongoing DC cuts and chops?

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