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pictures for nomadwilly

Hi Marin,
Thanks for the reply and picture. I agree that they did a good job of building a tug look-alike and if that bow was lower and the wheelhouse wasn't going up a hill and if it was'nt over powered I'd prolly be all over it. Actually if it was a NA Cummins and $98,000
I'd prolly be all over it. How long has the Bellingham boat been for sale? I'm going to call about a 32 Nordic tomorrow that has a 140hp Yanmar. Went down the bay to a party last night and left late at night** ...the GPS wouldn't come up. After a little waiting I stopped before we hit someth'in and booted up the radar. Sure was nice to have the .25 mi range. Went half way to town on radar before the GPS found enough satellites. It's very icy now and raining on the ice. I'm scared to go down and move Willy into her own slip. Why don't you buy the cute green tug Marin. 193&ybw=&units=Feet&currency=USD&access=Public&lis ting_id=77122&url=

Marin, This is a picture of the LN for 99K. Looks really good head on. DFeet%26currency%3DUSD%26access%3DPublic

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RE: pictures for nomadwilly

nomadwilly wrote:

1. How long has the Bellingham boat been for sale?


2.Why don't you buy the cute green tug Marin

1.* Minot's Light was hauled out in the yard at Seaview North several months ago and that's when I saw the For Sale sign on it.* It is back in its slip but it's in a different section of the marina than we are so we just see it from a distance.* I don't know if the sign is still there but if the sale listing on the internet is still current then I guess it is.

There is also a 37' Victory Tug, gray I think, for sale in Anacortes, also Cummins-powered.

2.* We still really like Victory Tugs in terms of the design aesthetics--- far superior in our minds to the GB--- but our boat is paid for, it's set up and equipped the way we want it, and we do not want to spend any more money on boating at this point other than what it takes to keep ours going.

Also, when we got into this kind of boating we had no intention of taking guests out other than perhaps for a run around the bay.* As I've said before, we are not social boaters.* So a single-stateroom boat like the VT would have suited us just fine.

But..... in the fall of the past two years we have taken good friends from France and then friends I used to work with in television in Hawaii who have just moved here on week-plus cruises in the Gulf Islands. And will probably do so again in the future.* What we have learned is that the tri-cabin layout for this sort of thing is essential, in our opinions.* Each couple has their own stateroom* and head separated by the main cabin.* Nobody has to sleep in a berth made up in the main cabin.* So if somebody wants to get up early and make coffee and watch the sunrise or whatever, they can do so without disturbing anyone else, or worrying that they are disturbing anyone else.*

The 37' Victory Tug, like a Nordic Tug, has the master stateroom forward and that's it.* There is a full-length, full-width transverse berth that can be made up in the VT's pilothouse but the only way from the forward stateroom to the main cabin is through the pilothouse.* Also, the only head is up forward off the main stateroom.


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