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RE: Pick it up

Moonstruck wrote:

Keith wrote:

What Charles said. Always pick up stuff, including in parking lots, etc. 2nd nature.
As I posted before, the Boy Scouts taught me to leave a campsite cleaner than I found it.* The world is our campsite.


I do the same all the time, especially when I walk on a beach. Always try to leave the place a little bit better. What amazes me is that people still throw away all this stuff anywhere. Come on. In 2011, we do know better.


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RE: Pick it up

Fotoman wrote:

*What amazes me is that people still throw away all this stuff anywhere. Come on. In 2011, we do know better.
*If you looked at any of the pic's on the Gulf Keepers web site you will notice so much of this junk comes from other countries.

Also the people who make nets are placing tracers in the weave so you can tell the country of origin.

We have laws prohibiting most of this stuff from happening but it does little good when the rest of the world has no such laws.


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RE: Pick it up

I just got home after a two week trip to the Philippines and Guam (exploring old WWII military relics).* Below are a couple of photos of the plastic waste found in one of the little boat harbors on Corregidor Island.* The plastic largely comes from the Pasig River that flows through Manila.* This harbor is adjacent to the dock that McArthur used when he left Corregidor on the PT boat bound for Mindanao.

First photo shows the banka boat we hired to take us around Fort Drum (the concrete battleship island) and Fort Hughes both on islands off Corregidor.* The second photo is the plastic debris in the harbor.* The last photo is one of the deserted beaches on the north end of Guam (virtually free of plastic debris).*
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RE: Pick it up

charles wrote:

Something else that I do that gets THE WIFE everytime.
When I see someone throw a cig butt or paper or whatever on the ground, I very politely, ask "Whose job it it to pick that up?" They get defensive and I say , "IS it my job?"
At this point most pick it up. Some dont and then I tell them that I appreciate just how filthy they are and am glade that I do not live in thier neighborhood.

I do this all the time. I re iterate, all in a very polite voice.

Most of the time in parking lots or entering a building.
i like that one, will have to remember it as i also hate when people just throw stuff on the ground.

kids dont do this, but young adults

btw, Marin what you are talking about is much much bigger scale. you know it is still legal to dump stuff in the ocean, as long as you go out far enough away.. not to mention that many coastal communities such as Los Angeles still do run "filtered" sevage into the ocean...

no doubt sooner or later the ocean just cannot keep absorbing all this garbage.

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