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The scenario I worry about is: well out in the ocean, shorthanded crew, one goes overboard in poor conditions. You lose sight of him (in poor conditions, that takes less than a minute). Life expectancy <1 hour. Can you explain to me how a PLB will help? I can't think of any way it does, certifications notwithstanding. I can see instantly how the MOB1 helps (it also has a strobe). Can you give reasons why it would not?

If he always goes over in good conditions and stays within sight, save your money, you don't need any of those things. I'd much rather pick up a live crewmember and his uncertified AIS Beacon, than a dead one and his certified PLB.

If the boat sinks, you really want an EPRIB. If you are offshore and can only afford a PLB, then by all means. These devices allow rescue in a life raft or perhaps survival suit, but are unlikely to help an MOB in shorts and flip flops. The information loop is too long.

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Originally Posted by drb1025 View Post
What do you renew annually? My PLB is registered with NOAA and good for 2 years.
Originally Posted by localboy View Post
Ditto. Am I missing something?

You are correct it is for 2 years. Was it annually not too long ago?

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Not just a survival tool either. If not already, there will be wreck divers carrying these AIS devices. After a hour deco, in a big current, the diver surfaces, pops a dsc call to the pickup boat, they head right to him. The current technology is inflatable rescue sausages and a whistle. Maybe a comm radio.
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To do that, you probably want the Euro version. It is my understanding that in some jurisdictions you cannot have this device transmit an all ships distress call, so it will transmit an all ships call instead. You'd not want a diver in routine use transmitting a distress call. I believe the US version transmits the distress call.
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All the approved PLB's and Eperbs are good to have. For any long distance cruising I like the Garmin Inreach for supplemental use. It can be rented reasonably. It's satellite based and if you give your relatives and friends the access code they can follow your trip on their computers. I believe you can also send text messages. My nephew used one on a trip up to Hudson Bay in Canada, and we were able to follow his trip all the way.

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