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RE: Passagemaker gets (yet another) remake

nomadwilly wrote:
There is a similarity between PMM and TF other than boats or specialty boats. A limited number of really meaty subjects to discuss. We've discussed some topics like single v/s twin and anchors so much that one can hardly post on the subjects without repeating themselves or someone else or getting boo'd.
*There is also a big dissimilarity between PMM and TF, and that relates to the search function. Trying to find previous posts in PMM was always an exercise in self abuse whereas any time I look here I find what I'm looking for. The challenge for me was (and still is) to retrain myself to do the search through the archives here.*

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RE: Passagemaker gets (yet another) remake

As a complete noob to the subject matter of this forum I for one am very glad it is here. The members of this forum are by far the nicest, most polite and tolerant group of folks we have come across. We have attempted to glean information from other locations on the web and have been met with disdain to put it politely.

So far we have been graciously provided with invaluable advice, tips, and links to sites with real meat and potato style information that my wife/boss and I have found remarkable. We are not looking to start with a trawler, the name of the forum, and we still feel welcome here. The interface and search features are simple and function flawlessly.

A big thanks to those responsible for having this resource available. Kudos to those whom have made their knowledge available for those of us that are looking to enter the world of boating in a safe and responsible(I hope) manner.

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RE: Passagemaker gets (yet another) remake

Thanks for the kind words folks. In light of the kind of stuff we have been dealing with the last week, it means a lot to us that y'all value this forum. We incur significant monthly costs in providing it. This past week had me questioning myself..."Why???". I will also take this time to apologize for my meltdown in OTDE. I was just sick and tired of people PMing me telling me they were "offended" when we have made every attempt to warn people that if they are easily offended, don't go in there. Anyway, I have said it so many times before....there was a big void in cyberspace due to the lack of a decent trawler related forum. That is the reason we are here. It is as simple as that.

A very sincere "Thank You" for your participation,

John and Doug

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