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Length has only as much to do with it as buoyancy....and how it balances the load.

That's why the motor in a well designs are popular to offset the weight of motor and operator.

I have a long narrow 12 footer that just moving weight forward just a tad makes all the difference.

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Outboards after saltwater use

Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
Oliver what you really need is a longer boat .. not a "Dolphin". Long boats rule, Short boats squat.

My reasoning is: a bigger one can't fit on the deck. For a bigger one to fit in the deck we'd have to spend around 2.3 million to upgrade to a larger boat plus 30k for the longer tender.

So the 40 dollar dolphin will do.


Thanks, Oliver
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Just another opinion:

I run my O.B out of fuel - had trouble with gum and float sticking unless done.
I use either Stabil or Seafoam.
I flush the cooling system periodically-especially at winterizing time plus a fogging.
I use non ethanol gas from the local car stations; 92/94 octane.

My '94 yamaha 8hp may do fine on the ethanol but untill I'm forced to I don't intend to find out. Too many people I know have had trouble and once they understood about the ethanol laced fuel with older O.B and quit its use, then the engines ran fine. It may have something to do with not enough use and too much fuel in jug storage so the fuel ages too much but for now I'll stick with 92/94 octane. Not hard to find.

Doesn't mean the little devil hasn't needed other service as I'm finding right now.

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