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Opinions on Winter Storage Options

Not winter yet, but thinking ahead. We live in Virginia, so freezing is not really a problem for us. But this year, considering wintering on the hard and looking for advantages and disadvantages. We have a Grand Banks 42 Motoryacht. From our stand point:
  1. Cheaper and closer to my home for us.
  2. I can do work at my leisure on things that requires being out of the water (hull valves, swim platform, etc.). The "to do" list for haul out items is getting pretty long. I really want to overhaul "all" of our hull valves and SW strainers for example.
  3. Hull growth will be arrested for 6 months
  4. Interior piping hull growth (AC units, Engine cooling, etc..) will be arrested.
  5. In case of bad storms, hurricanes, etc... will be protected and not have the worry of moving boat or double tying.
  6. I can cover the boat and dry out some soggy windows and decks
  7. I really enjoy woodworking and this will allow me to "moth ball" the boat during the winter so I can do needed work in my workshop, maybe even build that dinghy I have been thinking about.

Unless there are some significant downsides, I think we will probably do it. We are not really winter or cold weather boaters, so this seems like a good choice for us. We are considering September to March for haul out.

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Great idea. I am on the Hard now as I escape the heat of the summer in South FL. There is a list of items getting done over the next 3 months. A few suggestions. Tell the yard about what you want to do so that they can place you accordingly on the yard. Make sure there is electricity and water near by. Build or by a comfortable ladder to board, you will make hundreds of trips up and down. Lock the ladder to your boat. Winter is a great time to work due to the cooler temps.

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"Lock the ladder to your boat."

UNDER the boat , no need to leave easy access for anyone.
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If not a regular wintering on the hard, good time to get all underwater projects done and ahead maintenanceCutless bearings, anything that involves moving shafts back like tranny or dsmpner plate work, rudder bearings, shaft and rudder packings, through hulls, transducers, thruster works, etc.....

While some believe a boat hull will dry out over the winter, it is generally not true. Water trapped behind paint and gel takes forever to dry unless exposed. But on the other hand, there is no hydraulic pressure forcing water in so there is something to seasonal haulouts.

On the down side, no boating.
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