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There was one in my marina that the owner passed and the heirs sold. It went for 125K and it was too high IMO for that boat. The PO never took it out, never painted the bottom, never ran engines, never never never.

I would walk past it going to my boat and always noticed how shallow the bow was in the water. I'm sure it was a rolly boat.

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With healhustler's word of wisdom ringing in my ears from when I first signed on to this forum ("Read between our egos for important information.") thanks to those who took the time to provide some useful input. . . . sort of like traveling at sea at night without the benefit of a full moon and good charts. Ya never know what you may bump in to.

My Admiral tells me well-behaved women have never made history . . .
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I think, OUPV, 6 pack, uninspected vessell, etc. was the intention. Safety margin is whatever the inspector says it needs to be, sometimes with data to back it up. There is a lot to be said for just buying a decent old boat and fixin her up. A lot of nice boats are out there, just get one that you will be able to upgraded yourself. It helps if you like doing it.
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When it comes to Hatteras Yachts, the number one guru of all time is Frank Gordon of Frank Gordon Yachts in Ft. Lauderdale (since 1959). Frank has been specializing in these forever and has the most incredible memory of any human I've met. You can cold call him anytime and ask him about any big Hatteras, and he can usually reel off the previous names back from new, and tell you any and everything about them. It's quite amazing. He's quicker than any computer, and he isn't young anymore either. Seriously- IF you want to know anything about Hatteras, call him up on the phone. (he's not that much into emails).
Blake Davis Yacht Brokerage Inc

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Peter Young,
You saved me the trouble of looking you up by posting here. I see you have the same Canoe Cove 53. We have the W30 in the avatar or perhaps we met when we had the Albin ????.

No need to limit your posting here but after a while you'll learn who barks and who is a positive in your life. Lots and lots of guys (and even some girls) here to read or chat with. I'll PM you. We were at the Sisters yesterday.

FF yes I agree chain/sprocket and cable w large bronze pulleys is the best steering system. Much more expensive that push-pull cable and more expensive than hydraulic as well. If I considered my hydraulic system a significant problem I'd convert to chain and cable. The big downside to C&C is the installation. Would be a big job and consume lots of time. The thing I don't like about my hydraulic system is the high frictional losses from the oil seals. I made the mistake I rarely make and that is to install stuff that is too big and "heavy duty" for the app. Both my helm pump and rudder cylinder are fit for a 45' boat w about 4 times the displacement. My mistake.


North Western Washington State USA
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