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Originally Posted by hmason View Post
Although not a perfect science, the best odds of not running aground is to follow a decent size sailboat.
Not a bad idea, so long as one keeps in mind that some sailboats do have retractable keels. :-)

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Originally Posted by MYTraveler View Post
Especially when they go out of their way to make it tough to read. More trouble than its worth.

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“Matter O' Fact... WTF was he doen to hit groung that solidly in the first place??!!”

He was trying to take a “short cut” to get to the restaurant dock. I think he was watching the dock and not his sonar. Normally you would go past the dock staying in the middle of the waterway and turn around in deeper water and approach the dock.

“The captain could have asked all the fat people to go to the stern so it raises the bow......just say'n. Seems to work on tiny boats.”

There weren’t any fat people on that boat, just some seriously good looking blonde gals on the stern.

“Surprising to me also, as nobody even knows the size of the boat! OP never mentioned.”
“It appears to be a 68' Ocean Alexander MY.”

I didn’t get my tape measure out, but going by the size of the S Ray, I’d say 68-70’ sounds about right.

“Yeah you're right, what was I thinking. Purposely trying to further embarrass some one when they are in the middle of an already embarrassing situation is a perfectly reasonable thing to suggest”.

Even though it might have been embarrassing, I’m glad for them that it turned out well. KJ

PS Capt.Bill and Art --- it’s really nice when you guys kiss and make up.
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Originally Posted by Nsail View Post
A picture doesn't even show up on my system. Now I understand. And I'll bet you're right as I don't think you've ever been wrong about anything you've ever posted (that's a compliment, I'm not being sarcastic), unlike many other posters (myself included) that seem to be full of it from time to time.

P.S. You even know that hypocrite is spelled with an "e"!. Funny as hell! (OTDE visitors will know what that means)
Paypal sent.

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