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Ocean Alexander 426 vs OA 450 classico sedan

Can anyone explain the main difference between the 426 and 450 sedans? They seem to be virtually the same boat. Has anyone had experience with the 450? We're looking at one in Stratford, Ct.

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I have a 456, but don't know how it compares to the 45.


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Our 450 looked pretty close to the 426's we looked at, except that it has molded steps to the flybridge instead of a ladder. Other then that, we didn't see much difference.
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City: Ivoryton, CT
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Kody, this boat doesn't have molded steps; they seem to have come about sometime around 2000.
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OA has produced so many different models, with so many numbers it can get confusing. To make it worse, listings aren't always accurate because either the broker or owner are sloppy. The listing of the one you are looking at is a good example of piss poor marketing.

An owner's manual should spec it properly but, if in doubt, contact OA in Seattle with HID;
They are very helpful.

To your question though, I think you will find the main difference between the 426 and the 450 is length of cockpit. Year to year maybe other subtle differences even within the same model.

The Stratford boat you are looking at, if it is the same as the brochure picture shown, is a true 450 model;

1999 450

Here's another in FL. Scroll down for pics

This one in MI is a true 426. Compare cockpits with the 450;

1995 426

The next two are also 426s but the stated specs are different.
Again, look at the cockpits compared to the 450.

1996 426

1997 426
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The difference is the hull is 3' longer. Some it was all in the cockpit but most added 12" to 18" to the Salon. The boat in Stratford has an 18" longer Salon. It also has an upgraded 240V Tropical Air Conditioning system including in the heads and 12kw gen-set. She had fallen on tough times when I last saw her with all kinds of ER issues and holes in the port side hull just below the upper rub rail and more. She was very economical with the T/CAT 350s at slow speeds and able to cruise at 17.5 knots when fully loaded.

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